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Who we are

After travelling around the globe for many years we decided to establish our camp in Vancouver, a place where our families could grow free, in a multicultural environment, and surrounded by astonishing natural beauty.


As a team, we believe food is the best way to transmit positive emotions. At Boca’O we all share common roots: the aesthetic experience of food from our childhoods, and Spain is the flavour we want to pass on in our cuisine.


España tiene un sabor especial!

who we are
spanish food

Spanish Food Culture

Boca’o is the abbreviation of bocado, or bite in Spanish, and refers to the inclination of Spaniards to share food. Among the people you love, you offer your time and your kindness in a joyful experience. That’s what eating Tapas means in Spain.


We want to share this authentic food experience of Spanish comfort food using fresh local ingredients and premium imported products. 



spanish food